What You Can Expect

Proceeds from every purchase goes back to the local community 

Transparency at every level and only the highest quality of ingredients at a price you can work with! 

We make it insanely easy to restock & refill on your favorite products

We fight for the environmental conservation of our city & do the most with what is in our hands

Our Story

Let me just say I am SO glad you’re here! This really is a dream that became reality.
The story of Re:New begins where I fell apart. It was 2022 and my health was really taking the backseat. I was working off of fumes for months, my diet was the worst, stress was a constant state, and I could not get sleep even if I was EXHAUSTED. I knew something had to change or my body was going to put a stop to all this for me. Does this sound familiar?
Anyways, sure enough I disregarded the small whisper (honestly out of fear of looking like I couldn’t hack living life at the speed so many people my age do) and it turned into a blaring alarm. Finally, my body made everything stand still for a couple weeks in an effort to even out the score against the self sabotage I have been performing for years.
(You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with laundry detergent? I know hold on.)
Just like after any crisis, I found myself on google searching for a flex seal type of solution on the giant hole that was draining my personal health & mental sanity. While I heavily relied on my faith, there were so many holes in this boat and I knew there had to be something I kept continuously getting wrong.
After much resistance, I realized a lot of my symptoms revolved around a constant within anything I did: plastic. Not just plastic but the harmful chemicals that leach into everything because of my negligence to realize 90% what I use and put in my body is unnatural. The worst part is, I did it solely out of this desire for convenience.
It makes sense, I strived for my life to be in a place it just wasn’t in, but in order to keep up the facade I traded in my health for convenience & “saved money” instead of investing in the things that improved my life.
Im not here to shove a tin foil hat on you, but the evidence is compelling. Babies are being born possessing micro plastics, our environment is already screaming at us for a change, and we are so exposed to so many toxins we go through literal withdrawals when we try to stop. No wonder we feel awful all the time! It took me a long time to recognize just how bad it got just for own personal health, I can only imaging how much worse it’s going to get for later generations.
But what if it doesn’t have to be? I recognize we can’t completely avoid plastic and toxins. It’s actually inevitable. Although we can try to limit it right?
After searching for some sort of alternative, a change, a different life than the one I was living, I finally came across products I could trust. Not owned by mega corporations but actual people possessing the same concerns I have. Ingredients that were so insanely transparent I could actually understand what they were. Products I could use everyday and know it was created with my best interest in mind.
I wish I could say my health took a 180º the day I stopped using tide pods, but this conscious step made me practice consciousness in all the other ways I can improve my physical & mental health. I learned that’s really where change starts, when I can look at my life at make the changes I need to out of recognizing I hold the power to do anything in MY best interest.
So here we are! I created Re:New as a way to help you take those first steps, for yourself, for your family, for those generations to come. I hope I make it insanely easy to get household products for your home created with your best interest in mind, from the non-toxic ingredients to our zero waste sustainability & commitment to help create a greener El Paso.
It’s not perfect, but it’s a start! I hope my story encourages you to persevere and seek change. It’s all about the little steps that hold to power to change everything.
With so much love, Celeste <3